Hammam ritual is most purest , single effective way  of fully cleansing and detoxing our bodies and skin. 

Temiz was created with a mission to bring spa ritual or as we call it Hammam ritual to every home. 

Temiz - translated from Azerbaijani and Turkish languages means Pure , Clean .

Temiz Kese - our scrub mitten, based on ancient tradition, helping combat the signs of aging, safely desquamate dull and clogged skin.  It is made from a viscose floss and sewn in french seams that add to a long lasting quality.  With Kese it's easy to have luxurious Hammam Ritual at the comfort of your home. The minimalist design and simplicity of this product takes no space in your luggage when you travel. Our Kese eliminates the need for multiples step of cleansing the skin.