I love plants. I love flowers. I love arrangements of gorgeous blooms. I love the commonest of weeds. I fill my life with all of these. My days are made up of all things botanical.

This love for plants, flowers, mushrooms and all that grows led me to my passion for botanical soap making. I create my organic and wild soap bars in my home studio, surrounded by my large and beloved herb, flower and vegetable garden. My studio is located in a tiny oceanside town with a bounty of wild, healing plants growing close by. Here, in my own green paradise, I get to do it all. I am feeding my family from our large vegetable garden. I make our organic soap bars and skin balms out of intentional blends of wild and healing plants and mushrooms and special herbs from my garden. I grow beautiful, mesmerizing flowers in my cutting garden and create lovely bouquets and wreaths. Every day I wake up grateful for what I have and for what I am fortunate to do.


I am doing this all with my family by my side. My husband works very full-time as a professional artist, but lucky for me he likes to take breaks to help me out. We have two young children with passions and favourite pastimes all their own.